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Carlisle and District Speakers Club

Carlisle and District Speakers Club

Learn to Speak With Confidence

Join Your Local Speakers Club
Your Local Speakers Club

There are many ways to learn to speak in public. The easiest and most successful way is the ASC way - through your local Speakers Club.

The club ethos of friendly support and encouragement is essential. Your local Speakers Club will give help and guidance to anyone who would like to achieve 'Speaking With Confidence'.

Members Can Learn How To:
  • Give a business presentation
  • Give a speech at a local occasion
  • Chair business meetings
  • Propose a toast
  • Give an after-dinner speech
  • Give a motivational speech
  • Give a vote of thanks
  • Make short impromptu speeches
In fact - any kind of speech you may want to give!
Members achieve speaking skills through practice at club meetings and with help from other members. The meetings are fun - and laughter is a good way of making a speaker and audience relax. It helps everyone to control that nervous feeling.
Overcome Fear
Fear of speaking in front of people is the number one issue that concerns new members. The ASC approach ensures you will quickly overcome that fear.
Gain Self-Confidence
In learning to speak confidently in public, the most powerful benefit is the improvement in your general confidence and self-image.
In Business
You need an edge. Speakers Club gives you more than just an edge. The person who can speak well in front of a group, putting over their point of view powerfully and persuasively, will outstrip others - every time.
Being good on your feet and speaking confidently in front of others is a much-admired asset that can expand your sphere of influence. On such occasions, when you find yourself called upon to speak, don't dread it! Do it well - and improve your social standing at the same time.
At a special occasion - a wedding, christening or birthday party, you may be asked to "say a few words" or perhaps give a speech. Learn to do it with confidence and gain skills to give a polished performance.
It's Fun
You will have a pleasant and enjoyable time while meeting some very interesting people at Speakers Club.
Speakers Club will be one of your most fulfilling activities and supportive of your personal, social and business development.
We meet at the Morton Community Centre, Carlisle at 7.00pm on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month